Location, Location, Location

 10/19/11        If one wants to be a GSG, (garage sale goddess) one has to know where to go.

Focus on the upscale neighborhoods, because the “mcmansions” are where you will find the newer stuff. If you see a swing set, and trampoline,in the back yard you know they are most likely going to have lots of kid’s stuff. This is where you will find the designer kids clothes, lots of toys, trendy adult clothes, and newer household items.

Do not get me wrong, the older neighborhoods have decent stuff too, I have found some of my favorite things in the older neighborhoods, especially if your into shabby chic. Personally, I like the newer stuff, and I am a little picky about where I buy stuff, especially for my kids. I want stuff that is clean and in excellent shape. You can usually tell the quality of stuff for sale by the condition of the house. So sometimes you can judge a book by its cover.

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