Halloween on a budget


I love Halloween. Every year I try to think up a theme for all five of us to dress up as, sometimes this can be tricky and expensive. This year this is what I did:  I had a Dorothy costume for my five year old that I picked up on clearance last year for $5.00, so that’s where my inspiration came from. I remembered that my sister made her husband a scarecrow costume a few years back, and asked to borrow it this year for my husband. I went to target and found an adorable lion costume for my three year old for $20.00. I went to Amazon.com and found an adorable tin man costume for my teenager $25.00 and a Glinda costume for myself $40.00 and voila, The Wizard of Oz theme was complete. Total cost: under $100.00. I will post pics soon! Happy Halloween!

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