Today’s Finds 10-23-2011

Garage sale season in N.Y is pretty much over by November 1st, but my daughter and I figured, we would go to a few today, since it might be our last chance for a while. We only planned on going to about eight sales, that’s all that sounded interesting on craigslist, but we ended up finding a bunch in between, and did very well. We were thrilled with our purchases.

4 piece wicker patio set      $20.00

mini chandelier                   $ 6.00

2 beautiful pillows               $4.00

Audrey Hepburn print         $2.00

leopard purse                         $1.00

leather flats                           $2.00

pumpkin pic frame                  .50

2 scarves                               $2.00

suade boots from ALDO     $5.00

winter coat   from Urban Outfitters      $5.00

2 pairs converse                       $2.00

2 dresses                                     $2.00

khaki blazer                                $1.00

cream vase                                  .50

and a few other things for my kids

Total under $60.00

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