54 days till Christmas

10/28/11     I know most people are thinking about what their going to be for Halloween, or what they’re going to do for thanksgiving dinner, but what I’m thinking about is Christmas. 54 more days and Christmas will be here. Most people start their Christmas shopping on black Friday, the day after thanksgiving, I start mine January 1st. I love gift giving, and I pride myself on being exceptionally skilled at it. I am always looking for the perfect gift for the people in my life, and I do not want to settle for anything less. So Christmas is always on my mind. I keep a giant plastic tote in my basement, and when I see something that I think someone will love, I buy it and store it in that tote, then when it is time to give gifts, I have the perfect one. This saves me a lot of money all year, because for one, I am not scrambling around last minute looking for an over priced gift at the mall, and secondly I can buy a little here and there, and it does not seem so over whelming.It is surprising some of the places one can go and find the neatest stuff. Even when I am at yard sales, and on vacation, gift giving is always on my mind.

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