Christmas Shopping on a budget

Christmas is almost here and I wanted to share with you, how I have been getting my shopping done on a budget. I have about 20 people on my “to buy for” list every year, and this can get quite expensive, so this is what I have done so far .

My husband works for a company that gives their employee points, whenever they do something great, or just as incentives. The points can be used to buy merchandise out of a catalog. The catalog has hundreds of items, ranging from pots and pans,  kids bikes, toys, perfume, pretty much anything you can think of. So I used all the points (4200) which equals about $1000.00 dollars to buy  a good portion of presents. Next thing I did was I got tickets to see a taping of The View in NYC, and during the taping they gave away a $100.00 American express gift card, and a $100.00 target gift card, that went towards  several more gifts I was able to buy.Then  I hosted a jewelry party, for a friend, at my house, and they offer the hostess 30% of the entire amount of the party in free jewelry,  that was 6 pieces of free jewelry ($183.00), 5 more presents (I had to keep one piece for myself). And finally, my husband had a 40th birthday in September, and was given $200.00 in gift cards, and he decided that he would rather use them to buy gifts, than use them on himself. So, I have spent zero dollars so far on presents and have gotten $1583.00 of my shopping done, I figure I will end up putting $200-$300.00 more on my credit card to finish up, not bad for an entire Christmas.

I almost forgot to mention that I also picked up several items at yard sales, that I will be using as gifts as well. I bought some beautiful bath sets, and candles, that were brand new, still sealed in the original packaging, these are great for teachers, mail lady, bus drivers, bank tellers, and other people, that I want to give just “a little something” .


12-14-2011 Went to toys r us with my husband to shop for my kids, after all the sales, coupons, and two gift cards, our total went from $534.00 to $199.99. the cashier announced it, like they do on extreme couponing, lol. So for a whole car load of toys, we only spent $100.00 each on the kids. woo hoo Christmas Pictures Usually, I hire a professional photographer to come to my house, and take Christmas pictures of all of us, to use on the christmas card. This can get very expensive, after sitting fees, and the cost of purchasing the pictures. This year I contacted my husband’s cousin, she is just starting out with her photography hobby, so I asked her if she would be interested in taking our picture. She agreed, and said there would be no charge for her services, and she would give me all the pictures, to do what I wanted with. She did a wonderful job, i paid her $50.00 for her time, the pictures are now all mine, I copied them at total spent on Christmas cards $17.00

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