Happy Birthday to me

Yesterday was my birthday. I love my birthday, it’s my favorite day of the year. My husband always pampers me and buys me some great cards and gifts from him and the kids.

This year I wanted a new iphone 4 , I currently have the iphone 3 which was my husband’s hand me down, it worked great, except for the fact that I dropped it on the garage floor and cracked the face.

So needless to say my husband bought me my new phone.  I was about to toss my old phone in the trash, when I thought, let me go on ebay and see if anyone has any iphone’s with cracked faces listed, and sure enough, I found several listed and and selling for  a lot more than I could have  imagined.

So I took a picture of my phone and listed it, and sold it for $100.00 , the same price my husband paid for my brand new iphone 4!!!! What a great deal.

so far cost of my birthday $0.00

For my birthday dinner, I decided to go to my favorite mexican restaurant, I just bought a gift certificate for there on restaurant.com the week before. They were having a special I got a $25.00 gift certificate for only $3.00 so dinner ,with tip only cost us $30.00 for the four of us, not bad.

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