My $4.50 weekly mental retreat

Once a week (usually Thursday’s) I am in desperate need of a mental retreat. A place where I can go to have peace and quiet, relax and just re-connect with myself. So I head to Barnes and Noble. I browse the magazine isles and pick out all the magazines that I have been “eyeing” all week at the grocery store, but didn’t want to spend the money on. Than, depending on my mood of the week, I grab a few decorating books,  a few cook books or head over to the Health & Fitness isle, for the latest diet fad. After I collect my reading material I order a  Grande vanilla latte skinny hot ( $4.50) and settle into a nice comfy chair and relax. I love this time to myself, my own private escape.

Of coarse I am always thinking about Garage sales so even as Im relaxing, I am making notes of all the beautiful images I see in the magazines and books, so that I can look for similar things at yard sales on Saturday.

Pottery Barn is my favorite book to browse, because finding ” knock offs” at yard sales is almost always simple to do.

This week my focus was on organization, so my goal this week is to find glass jars, and baskets to try to get my house more organized and run more efficient.

After my two hour B&N get away, I return home feeling refreshed, creative, and excited to get back to my family and my life, and all it cost me was  $4.50 what a bargain!


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