Summer Vacation

Every year my husband, myself and the kids head to Florida for our spring break vacation. Our first stop is Jacksonville to visit my best-friend (of 30 years), Melissa. This year she informed me that both weekends I will be visiting her, there were numerous neighborhood yard sales going on. I don’t know about most people, but to me, those three words always fill me with excitement.

The only thing better than being on vacation in Florida, yard saleing, is having your best friend by your side.

I ended up not buying as much as I wanted because of the dreaded feeling of hauling it back to N.Y. I did however find quite a few bargains that I love.

A brand new Magic Bullet (great for making smoothies and guacamole) $3.00

Canvas Vans slip ons (like new) $2.00

Khaki forever 21 military jacket for my teen ager $2.00

Beautiful wrought iron lamp  $3.00

A few Gap pieces for my girls .50- $1.00

Some great Halloween Decorations    .50-$1.00 ( and several items were free)

lots of household stuff

A giant oriental picture, in a cool red frame for my god daughter $5.00

Nicholas Sparks books Hard cover $1.00 each

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