Garage Sale Safety

Today was the day of my big yard sale. I assumed I would be sitting down tonight  blogging about my success. Instead I am blogging about  Garage Sale Safety.

Today, In the middle of my sale, I heard the most horrific sound of tires squealing, cars crashing and glass breaking. As I sat there with a dreadful feeling, I walked to the end of my driveway, to see two cars totaled, and a lady screaming that someone hit her and drove off. I called 911 and immediately the police were on the scene.   After several minutes, the police, firetrucks, and ambulance were at my house, and my street was immediately closed.  The police tracked down the driver, apparently  after he took off, his airbag deployed, and he drove anyway, until eventually he crashed into a tree. I sat there in horror, as they took a woman away by ambulance, and towed two cars,and  realized how serious this was, and that I needed to bring attention to this.

Here are some Garage Sale Safety tips to keep all my fellow garage sale lovers safe:

1. If possible pull all the way off the road

2. When trying to read garage sale  signs, please make sure no one is behind you.

3. Never make an illegal u turn in the road, just to go back to a sale.

4. If your on a main road please don’t assume drivers are going to yield for pedestrians.

5. When you park on the side of the road, double check before opening your door, and jumping out.

6. Don’t pull into a driveway that you don’t feel comfortable backing out of.

7. If there are a lot of cars parked on the sides of the roads in front of the sale, drive up a little further away from everyone else.

8. If you come up on a  sale, drive slow, you never know if people have their arms full of stuff and they can’t see you, or they cant see their kids running out in to the road.

9. Just be careful, take your time, don’t be in such a rush.

10. Slow Down!

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