My Teenager

I just have to brag a little about how awesome my teenage daughter is, she has been going to garage sales with me since before she was born. Even as her 19th birthday approaches next month, I am proud to say that every saturday morning at the crack of dawn, she is right there by my side, garage saleing. I think she might be even more addicted than I am, if that’s possible. She Is so good at spotting good “finds” I must have taught her well. This is her room, I thought I would take a picture because it’s just so cute. Her headboard we found last week at a yard sale for $20.00 (and $6.00 for a can of black spray paint) her Audrey Hepburne Picture was $5.00 and her comforter set was $3.00. There are many more treasures around her room that we have found, but I thought I would leave her alone, and give her some privacy…lol


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