5-26-12 “Finds”

Today I was at a sale, and I stumbled upon a beautiful pair of end tables, they were obviously an antique. Since I know nothing about antiques, I asked how much they were , and was shocked when he said $100.00 for the pair, too rich for my blood, so i passed. Later that day I was at another yard sale, and to my surprise I spotted an end table exactly like the one I saw earlier. This one wasn’t in as good condition, so when said she only wanted $5.00 for it, I knew i had to get it. I have big plans for this table. I also found a cool bracelet, coin purse, necklace, a Pier 1 metal pitcher, and a glass hurricane vase. I spent 13.50 total. The hurricane glass reminds me of the piece on the table in my dream kitchen, i’m on my way…




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