6-2-12 “Finds”

Saturday morning was a rainy mess, but being the dedicated GSG that I am, I put on my rain boots, grabbed my umbrella and headed out the door. Unfortunately, all the houses I went to at the huge community sale, decided not to set up, so I headed home, sad and depressed. I decided to take my five year old for a “girl’s day out ” instead. So a few hours later, as we were ready to head out, I drove past the neighborhood sale, and they were all setting up!!! woo hoo!!! so My daughter and I had a great day together treasure hunting. I don’t usually bring her with me, so this was a big thrill for her. I did pretty good, I found a set of white dishes, just like the ones in Pottery Barn, a 10 place setting for $20.00, that was my “find” of the day. I also found some cool white candleholders, some cool boxes from Michael’s, and a few other misc. items, overall a good day.




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