Great day at Goodwill

Today I went to Goodwill, since yard sale season is still so far away, and I was pleasantly surprised at the bargains I found.

Damask-Chandelier curtain   $1.50

Bow Pillows    $5.00 each

Leather jacket    $10.00

Aerie sweater    $5.00

For my Two Little girls:

Leopard Sweater    $2.99

Target  leggings with bow    $2.99

2 Skirts       $2.99

Target shirt with attached tutu   $2.99

Gray shirt with bow     $2.99

Pink H&M shirt     $2.99

Turquoise Couture dress    $2.99

Purple chevron top    $2.99

Pink shirt    $2.99

Total spent : less than $60.00 !!!




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