Today was my first time shopping at SAVERS. I was pleasantly surprised.

I decided to drive to Connecticut today, which is about an hour from my house, I wanted to check out the Goodwill there, It’s usually pretty good. Right before the goodwill I stumbled upon a new(to me) store called Savers, It’s a lot like Goodwill only it’s super organized and super clean. While shopping in there,I  felt like I was more in a department store, than a thrift shop. The prices were decent, I would say comparable to Goodwill.

The best part was the two stores were about 200 feet from each other.

I didn’t find anything for myself, however my two little girls, scored big!

Brand New Danskin Leotard   $3.00

Gymboree Flats  $3.00

Black and white dress  $5.99

Rust colored top $3.99

Silver flats $3.00

Turquoise skirt $3.99

Brown Boots $6.00




danskin gymboree blackandwhitedress rust turquoise skirt ballet flats cowboyboots

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